June 10 100wc

When I walked in from school, I asked my mom for a glass of water. When she gave it to me, it looked like just a glass of water. But when I drank it, I became huge! I was confused. My mom screamed, so i just said, “What’s in that water?” She said she poured it from the refrigerator. I yelled “Mom! That’s my science project!” She was so mad. I said it was ok because there was some left, and she felt better, but still, I looked like a real life hulk.

June 3 100wc

There was an old miner in my house, asking to stay the night. I found his hat on the table, but he had his on. Why was that hat on the table? It moved to the floor, without anybody touching it. I was scared. I threw the hat out the window, but it came back. I was terrified, so I destroyed it. But it came back in pieces! I was terrified. I took it to a river and threw it in. I went back to my house, but it came back! I was terrified.


April 8 100WC

I was flying my drone yesterday, and i saw a fish in the water, so i went closer to the water, and when i looked up, I couldn’t believe my eyes! There was a bird on my drone, getting ready to dive bomb the fish. When the bird finally flew off my drone, I drove the drone back down towards me, then the drone died and crashed into the water. I swam out to get it, but it was too deep. I couldn’t find the drone, so I no longer had a drone.

April 1st 100wc

I was dying eggs for easter, i put the blue batch of eggs in the fridge, they were blue when I put them in, but when i took them out again, they were green! I said “I dyed them blue, but it is the wrong color!” So when i dyed another batch of them, they were green, but when i put them in the fridge and took them out, they were blue! I was very confused. I dyed alot more eggs, and the fridge made them all change colors, so then i started leaving them out, but since i did that, all the eggs hatched and there were chicks running around the house.

March 19 100wc

I was at a haunted mansion, I was sent here by the government to investigate it. Just a week ago there were people living here. And now they are gone. The first thing that happened when I went in there was a chandelier falling onto the ground. Smash! Glass flew everywhere. When I went past, I heard a voice coming from a bathroom. When i went in there, i felt a blast of cold air, and then i heard footsteps running away, but I saw nothing. I looked into the candy bar and I saw something. I screamed, then ran out of the house. It was a dead cat, but still twitching.

March 11 100WC

I filled a glass of water , and forgot it in the kitchen overnight. And when i woke up and went into the kitchen to get breakfast i saw the glass of water, empty. What a surprise! When i put it away, i noticed that the water condensated, and I facepalmed. Then I put the glass in the sink and walked to the chair to eat breakfast. I sat down then looked at the glass. The water was back in it, I was amazed!

January 28th 100WC

There was an army of clay soldiers, preparing for a battle against the dragons. The dragons were fierce, and 1 was more than 100x stronger than a clay soldier. Even though there were more soldiers, they got defeated. The clay gods were very mad. Their whole army had died… but for one troop. They desided to arm the troop with the most powerful things ever created, and the one troop won agains the dragons. They made more troops the same way and became undefeatable.

Jan. 13 100WC

One day, I was riding my bicycle. When i rode by the Bubble´s house, there was a car in the driveway, when normally they were at work. I wondered if they got fired. Their pink cat was outside the door, meowing.  I walked up to they´re house, to ask them what was going on. When i walked up teh steps, someone was staning in the door, which didn´t look like the bubble´s family. So i rode my bike as fast as i could away. I never went back there again…

First 100WC in 2019!!!!!

A random person was walking down the street when a car with super-violet lights was coming towards him.  He was deaf, so he didn´t know it was coming, and because he was looking at his dog he was walking. He looked up, and a quick flash of the light went into his eyes, and he dropped to the ground, now he was blind a deaf. He lost all of his senses. He felt HORRIBLE. He tried getting back up, but he couldn´t see the ground, so he kept falling. His dog was jumping on him which didn’t help. The End.

November 26 100WC

We were at an MLB game, and the cameras weren’t pointed at the game. They were pointed straight at us. We thought we were on television. That is what it seemed like, when police came running in our direction. They got a guy who went over the fence for a ball. We walked out of the park and went home. When we got home, the television was on the MLB game. We looked at the TV, and there our empty seats were. The camera was pointed right at them.